This is a quick little Javascript thingamajig for throwing out images from a random selection. It exists as a neat little toy, a default answer for inquiries like "What do you like?", and a hint for people doing things like pinging me with human porn. I might reuse this code at some point for other random recommendations, such as RPG systems, Pathfinder archetypes, and so on.

The criteria for the "tags" used here may be inexact or inconsistent, so consider just setting everything you hate to "no" instead of setting everything you like to "yes". (like "Boyish: no" to get androgynous and feminine results.) The tags I've applied only consider characters who are the focal point (ones off to the side or with their face obscured are generally ignored, for instance). Settings (urban fantasy, etc.) are generally considered based on attire and species, and less specific images (such as a species not typically associated with Japanese myth wearing Japanese-looking clothes) can have multiple setting tags. Ultimately, though, all these tags are based on my opinions.

The JavaScript used on this exact page is probably crap and not worth reusing, but available under the Unlicense. It's all client-sided and relatively simple so I couldn't stop you anyway.



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